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May the best product win.

This is Depict.

Our company values.

  • Insatiable Drive

  • Customer Obsession

  • Egoless Mindset

Meet our founders.

  • Oliver was the youngest AI researcher in the world when he began working as an AI research engineer at Europe's leading payment company Klarna at age 15. He got inspired to start Depict.ai after finding out that almost all e-commerce sites use AI-methods that require much more data than they actually have.

    Oliver Edholm

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Anton was the first employee at Sana Labs (currently 30+ people) where he spent three years building recommendation systems to personalize education. Before this Anton worked with Physics at CERN and contributed to millions in profit at an algorithmic trading firm.

    Anton Osika

    Co-Founder & CTO